Real Designz carry out any type of house restoration work. This can be anything from splicing and repairing windows to roof replacement. With our manufacturing capabilities we are able to provide materials to your specifications and offer a bespoke service.

Getting skilled craftsmen at the right time in the right order to carry out the various jobs required to complete a restoration can be a real headache. We are able to provide a complete professional service and manage the project from start to finish, ensuring that all the skilled labour required to complete the job in all departments are on hand at the required time.

Whether you require scaffold errection, a new roof, the manufacture and fitting of a replacement window, a new floor laid or a complete house restoration, we can provide a truly professional service.

The picture opposite shows work being carried out on a recent restoration project in South Leicestershire.

    House Restoration

Let us do the work. Leaving you free to enjoy your leisure time